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Ivlev Ltd. is a company engaged in engineering and construction. The company is a registered contractor, and is registered with the Contractors Association. The company is managed by Moshe Ivlev who has previously performed many management and execution roles in several of the largest construction companies in Israel and in the largest and most luxurious projects built in the country. The company employs a qualified, professional and reliable engineering team with extensive experience in private and public construction. Ivlev Ltd. was established with the aim of providing a comprehensive and reliable solution to customers in the field of construction.



The company is engaged in two main areas - project management and construction supervision, and the provision of construction services in the private and public sector, while maintaining the most stringent safety rules. The company insists on providing the best service while providing reliability, professionalism and the use of the best materials. The project management of the company concentrates on the construction of detached houses, villas, cottages, renovation of houses and apartments, offices, showrooms, restaurants and more.





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